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Shichao Ou

I am currently a Ph.D. Computer Science student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

I have a passion for applying my learning to tackle real-world problems. This is shown through the collection of leisure time projects that I worked on over the years. These applications range from AI Chat Bots to shopping bots, from web news aggregator to distributed network resource management tools, from mobile device applications to user activity modeling/prediction systems, and they involve technologies that touch many facets of computer science.

Teamwork wise, I am equally capable working in a team or taking the role of a team leader. Currently I am playing such dual roles in several research projects that I participate in. I am an easy-going person and I have excellent working relationships with people around me.

Click here to download my formal resume

Research Interests

  • Human-Machine Interaction, Assistive Technology, Mobile Devices
  • Machine Learning, Knowledge Discovery, Applications of Machine Learning Techniques

Professional Services

  • Speaker at the Microsoft Developer Conference, China, 1999
  • Hosted numerous robotics demos for university/department promotional events, 2001~2007
  • Co-chair for The 2007 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent
    Robots and Systems (IROS’07) session “Multi – Modal Human – Robot Interaction”


  • Proficient in C, C++,Java, Visual Basic, Java Script, VBA, PHP, database programming
  • Skilled web application designer

Selected Publications

  • S. Ou et. al, Mobile Manipulators for Assisted Living in Residential Settings. [pdf] (author listed by alphabetical order)
  • S. Ou et. al, Application of Reinforcement Learning in Multi-Sensor Fusion Problems with Conflicting Control Objectives, AutoSoft Journal, to appear, 2007. [pdf]
  • S. Ou et. al, A Framework for Learning Declarative Structure, Robotics Conference, Philadelphia, 2006. [pdf]
  • S. Ou et. al, A Self-Calibrated Environmental Friendly Automatic Irrigation System,
    WCCA, Orlando, Florida, 2006
  • S. Ou et. al, Classication of Single Odorant Gas Smell Intensity using Electric Nose, DCDIS, Guelph, Canada, 2005. [pdf]
  • S. Ou et. al, A Multi-Layer Perceptron Approach for Greenhouse Protection against Strong Wind Conditions in the Southern Coastal Regions of China, ASAE Annual Meeting, 2005
  • S. Ou, D.R. Karuppiah, A.H. Fagg, E. Riseman, An Augmented Virtual Reality Interface for Assistive Monitoring of Smart Spaces, PerCom, 2004. [pdf]

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