A multi-university and disciplinary project to create technology suitable for the elderly, and study the impact of technology to the elders. I am the student team leader for the computer science team, leading the development of technologies such as fall-detection devices, object-finder, communication enhancement tools.

New! This project has been mentioned in an NY-Times article regarding latest in Robots and AI. (July,29th,2007)

  • Motivation
  • The United States is about to experience the greatest demographic change in its history. Most of this change will occur over the next 30 years, as 77 million baby boomers cease to work and pay payroll taxes and instead start to retire and collect benefits……

  • Technologies
    • Multi-camera Sensor Array
    • Through the sensor array, the smartroom system overtly monitors the activities in the room, anticipating the need of the client and proactively takes actions to assist the client’s activities of daily living. On the other hand, the system can also be configured to function as security system, assuming the role of a watch dog. In the following scenario, the system autonomously engages the appropriate resources to detect and chase away an intruder:
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      YouTube link to: Robot chases away the intruder

    • Video phone
    • The design paradigm we chose to follow can be summarized as:

      Simplicity, clarity and modality

      VideoPhone Screenshot 1 VideoPhone Screenshot 2 VideoPhone Screenshot 3


    • Fall detection system
    • According to statistics, vast majority of accidental deaths of elders age over 80 are due to falls. Our system is able to learn patterns of normal activity from abnormal ones by observing the tracjectory overtime. When a fall is detected, the system can automatically initiate a video phone call to 911 or the doctor for immediate assistance.
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      YouTube link to: Fall detector

    • Common object finder
    • Multi-camera sensor-array keeps track of commonly used objects such as keys, and remembers their last seen location in case human needs assistance in finding them.
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      YouTube link to: Key finder

  • Publications
    • Mobile Manipulators for Assisted Living in Residential Settings. Autonomous Robots Journal, 2008. S. Ou et. al. [pdf] (author listed by alphabetical order)
    • An Augmented Virtual Reality Interface for Assistive Monitoring of Smart Spaces, PerCom, 2004. S. Ou, D.R. Karuppiah, A.H. Fagg, E. Riseman. [pdf]
    • Williams, A., Xie, D., Ou, S., Grupen, S., Hanson, A., and Riseman, E., Distributed Smart Cameras for Aging in Place, DSC06, Boulder, Colorado, November, 2006

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