• Robot Learning Communicative Behavior
    My Ph.D thesis: Humans have the ability to communicate intentions both verbally and through actions. In order for robots to successfully collaborate with human and augment human’s ability, the robots also needs possess similar abilities. My thesis argues that communication has its roots in behavior. Gesture shares essential properties with sensory and motor problem solving while also overlapping significantly with language. I am inspired by the co-development of motor behavior and language reported in the psychology literature, and present an unified learning framework for acquiring both simultaneously.

    Dyadic Interaction 2

    Dexter interacting with a human

    • Experimental platform: Dexter, the upper torso bi-manual humanoid robot
  • LifeTech ASSIST
    A multi-university and disciplinary project to create technology suitable for the elderly, and study the impact of technology to the elders. I am the student team leader for the computer science team, leading the development of technologies such as fall-detection devices, object-finder, communication enhancement tools.
    • Experimental platform: Distributed Multi-camera sensor-array and a self-balancing bimanual mobile robot – uBot.
    • Multi-camera sensory array uBot4

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