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In NY-Times Article

星期一, 七月 30th, 2007

Our lab and the uBot, are mentioned in a New-York times article regarding state of the art in robotics and AI.


… In collaboration with Rod Grupen, a roboticist at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, she is designing and building four toddler-size robots…… The bare bones of the toddler robots already exist, in the form of a robot designed in Grupen’s lab called uBot-5. A few of these uBots are now being developed for use in assisted-living centers in research designed to see how the robots interact with the frail elderly…..

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Building Robotics Community

星期六, 七月 28th, 2007

The CREATE lab and the Global Connection Project have embarked on a series of public projects to try and understand how significant scaling may be feasible using robotics for technology empowerment and community-building. Several products are described: CMUcam3, a fully programmable, public-domain embedded computer vision system; TeRK, a single-box solution for complete I/O control of robots together with a Linux OS and connectivity to the iRobot Create and other robots; Canary, a new embedded environmental sensor and kinetic art controller; and Gigapan, a multi-billion pixel panoramic image capture, display and annotation system.

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Google link to: -link to Building Robotics Community

Robotic Insect Takes Off

星期六, 七月 21st, 2007

A robotic bug that can fly around for one day! Step 1 to minority report…..

robot fly

First flight: This tiny robot weighs just 60 milligrams and has a wingspan of three centimeters. It’s the first robot to achieve liftoff that’s modeled on a fly and built on such a small scale.

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Surface Computing

星期五, 七月 20th, 2007

The idea has been around for quite a while, but looks like Microsoft is into the game and let’s see if they can do something more with it. The demos are definitely looking pretty impressive. Check out both the pro and cons. :)

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YouTube link to: Pros
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YouTube link to: Cons

Transformer Toy

星期四, 七月 5th, 2007

Optimus Prime Mr. Potato Head
A fine looking toy from Hasbro.

The wacky potato is up to his usual antics, this time disguised as the fearless AUTOBOTS leader! He and his faction of taters are battling the evil DECEPTICONS. Starchy situations call for a quick change – from truck to robot! No ordinary fries, these are POTATOES IN DISGUISE!
Mix and match all the pieces to create all sorts of wacky looks! Potato body comes with mix and match OPTIMASH PRIME and potato parts.