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Robotic Beer Launching Fridge

星期六, 三月 31st, 2007

This video proves that the day for house-hold robotics has finally arrived.

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Metacafé link to: robotic beer launching

Context-aware mobile devices

星期四, 三月 29th, 2007

Master thesis : a learning control approach for context aware applications, where reinforcement learning is used for a mobile device system to autonomously learn to adaptive to user’s behavior pattern, and thus be able to pro-actively attend to user’s needs in a least intrusive manor.


WiiBot: The Tutorial

星期二, 三月 20th, 2007

The WiiBot guys posted an nice article on “How to build a sword-wielding, tennis-playing, WiiMote-controlled, friendly robot”. The description on how they did the pattern recognition is definitely useful.


Hacking a sensor bar for the Wii

星期一, 三月 19th, 2007

It turns out that the wii sensor bar is just an array of IR leds. The actual sensor is in the remote. The video faked the IR signal using a pair of standard remotes. This is great news for people like me who want to use the wii remote as a gesture interface but dont want to attach an actual wii to the system. :)
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YouTube link to: Hacking sensor bar

Segway using Lego MindStorm NXT

星期五, 三月 16th, 2007

Some guy in Japan (Roy Watanabe) created a segway like robot using the Lego MindStorm NXT kit. Looks pretty cool. It’s pretty neat you can do that with the NXT processor. See it on youtube:

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YouTube link to: Segway using lego mindstorm NXT

Virtual Dinning Experience

星期二, 三月 6th, 2007

Another nice spin-off application for the video phone technology in eldercare.

virtual dinning experience

The concept is simple. An elderly woman in, say, California, makes herself dinner. When she gets ready to sit down and eat, the system detects it and alerts her son in Chicago. The son then goes to his kitchen, where a small camera and microphone capture what he is doing. Speakers and a screen — as big as a television or as small as a picture frame — allow him to hear and see his mother, who has a similar setup.

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Using youtube to catch criminals

星期一, 三月 5th, 2007 has an article on how police is using youtube to catch criminals: a police officer posted clips of two men using stolen credits cards on

Cool Gadget

星期日, 三月 4th, 2007


controlling games with thoughts

Step aside Nintendo, Emotiv’s got dibs on the ultimate game controller right here with their Project Epoc. It’s basically a headset fitted with a bunch of sensors that “read” your mind and let you control video games (be it from your console or PC) via your thoughts. Did I mention it can do this wirelessly? Though it looks like a torture device, the concept is pretty sweet. It’ll be demoed at the Game Developer’s Conference next week.

Robo sapiens (2003)

星期日, 三月 4th, 2007

A very nice videos about the latest technologies in robotics, in 2003, anyways. Still interesting to look at:
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Google link to: Robo Sapiens

Biologically inspired Object Recognition System

星期四, 三月 1st, 2007

Robust object recognition with Cortex-like Mechanisms
source: NewSciTech

Learning scene using biological feature

Abstract—A new general framework for the recognition of complex visual scenes motivated by biology is introduced: using a hierarchical system that closely follows the organization of visual cortex and builds an increasingly complex and invariant feature representation by alternating between a template matching and a maximum pooling operation. The framework is demonstrated using a range of recognition tasks: From invariant single object recognition in clutter to multiclass categorization problems and complex scene understanding tasks that rely on the recognition of both shape-based as well as texture-based objects. Given the biological constraints that the system had to satisfy, the approach performs surprisingly well: It has the capability of learning from only a few training examples and competes with state-of-the-art systems.

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