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Mind controlled wheel chair

星期日, 二月 4th, 2007

Spanish scientists have begun work on a new brain-computer interface, or BCI, capable of converting thought into commands that a wheelchair can execute.
“We are planning to use non-invasive devices to record the rhythms from the surface of the skull,” says Javier Minguez, a researcher at the University of Zaragoza in Spain. “We also plan to use this system with a school for disabled children that we collaborate with and (we) prefer to use non-invasive techniques with these children.”

PackBot news

星期五, 二月 2nd, 2007


packbot designed by iRobot

U.S. troops deployed in Iraq will soon receive help in the form of explosive-detection robots, which can sniff out deadly improvised explosive devices, more commonly known as IEDs. More than 100 PackBot robots provided by iRobot Corp. will be fitted with the sniffing technology, the firm reported Monday.

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