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星期一, 一月 15th, 2007

controlling games with thoughts

Step aside Nintendo, Emotiv’s got dibs on the ultimate game controller right here with their Project Epoc. It’s basically a headset fitted with a bunch of sensors that “read” your mind and let you control video games (be it from your console or PC) via your thoughts. Did I mention it can do this wirelessly? Though it looks like a torture device, the concept is pretty sweet. It’ll be demoed at the Game Developer’s Conference next week.


星期日, 一月 7th, 2007


Chroino the robot Chroino the robot sitting

Chroino is a small humanoid robot with friendly appearance and sophisticated movements. A newly-developed outer covering that serves also as a frame is called a “monocoque frame” and is made of carbon and plastic, giving Chroino a friendly appearance, light weight and strong frame.

Using a new technology named SHIN-Walk, Chroino has the ability to walk more naturally than traditional robots that walk stiffly with constantly bent knees. The ability to walk naturally, similar to a human, have long been expected. Thanks to this latest advancement in technology developed by Robo Garage, SHIN-Walk allows Chroino to walk almost as smoothly as a human.

Chroino was created by Mr. Tomotaka Takahashi from Robo Garage, the only scientist involved in the entire development process – from the design to the production stage – to create this futuristic robot.

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