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Robot shopping carts follow you around

星期一, 四月 23rd, 2007

A shopping cart that follows you around, built by University of Florida student


Robotic Beer Launching Fridge

星期六, 三月 31st, 2007

This video proves that the day for house-hold robotics has finally arrived.

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Metacafé link to: robotic beer launching

WiiBot: The Tutorial

星期二, 三月 20th, 2007

The WiiBot guys posted an nice article on “How to build a sword-wielding, tennis-playing, WiiMote-controlled, friendly robot”. The description on how they did the pattern recognition is definitely useful.


Segway using Lego MindStorm NXT

星期五, 三月 16th, 2007

Some guy in Japan (Roy Watanabe) created a segway like robot using the Lego MindStorm NXT kit. Looks pretty cool. It’s pretty neat you can do that with the NXT processor. See it on youtube:

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YouTube link to: Segway using lego mindstorm NXT

Skating Robot Plen

星期三, 一月 24th, 2007

Skating Robot
Amazing balancing ability. In the video where the robot accidentally falls and was able to get back up is also impressive too.


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YouTube link to: Japanese Skating Robot Plen
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YouTube link to: Plen on Skate-board

Honda ASIMO (Video Updates)

星期六, 一月 20th, 2007

Japanese car manufacturer Honda’s ASIMO is certainly one of the most advanced bipedal humanoid robot in the world. Designed to work in human environments, it has demonstrated many maneuvering capabilities that are unprecedented in other robots: walking, side-stepping, running, up and down stairs etc..

Design & Concepts

Honda engineers created ASIMO with 34 Degrees of Freedom that help it walk and perform tasks much like a human. One Degree of Freedom is the ability to move right and left or up and down. These degrees of freedom act much like human joints for optimum movement and flexibility. Lightweight materials, like a magnesium alloy structure, combined with powerful computers and 34 servo motors throughout its body help ASIMO move smoothly with ease.


ASIMO is designed to operate in the real world, where people need to reach for things, pick things up, navigate along floors, sidewalks, and even climb stairs. ASIMO’s abilities to run, walk smoothly, climb stairs, communicate, and recognize people’s voices and faces will enable ASIMO to easily function in our world and truly assist humans.

Full spec-sheet

Demonstration Videos

  1. ASIMO at CES07
  2. UK TV warm technology campaign commerical
  3. History of ASIMO
  4. ASIMO falls down
  5. Walking along and interacting with human (wmv)
  6. Carrying tray and pushing cart

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YouTube link to: ASIMO at CES07
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YouTube link to: UK TV warm technology campaign commerical
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YouTube link to: History of ASIMO
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YouTube link to: ASIMO falls down

Autonomous House Construction Robot

星期六, 一月 20th, 2007


house-building robot

“Your shoes, clothes and car are already made automatically, but your house is built by hand and it doesn’t make sense.” That’s word from Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis, whose team at USC is getting ready to debut a $1.5 million robot designed to build homes with zero help from puny humans. The bot should have its first test run in California this April, where it will build the shell of a two-story house in 24 hours.

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Lego Mindstorm NXT Robotics Kit

星期五, 一月 19th, 2007

I got this as a birthday present, definitely has a lot of potential as an Educational platform. The most interesting part for me is that you can create a humanoid robot from it, and be able to control the robot using bluetoothe devices. Quite easy to assemble (I have gone through the first task of building a 4-wheel mobile robot in 2 hours), and the pieces are extreme rugged and can withstand a lot abuse. :) Now, let’s check out what it can do, and what people around the world has been doing with it.

Source: Wikipedia
Lego MindStorm NXT Robotics Kit

The next product in the Mindstorms series is Mindstorms NXT, released in July 2006. The kit includes three servo motors, a touch sensor, a light sensor (now with the ability to differentiate between colours based on greyscale readings), a new sound sensor, an ultrasonic sensor and a new NXT ‘Intelligent Brick’. The kit is sold for $249 USD

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YouTube link to: Lego MindStorm NXT Robotics Kit Demos


NXT Brick

  • 32-bit ARM7 main microprocessor
  • 256 KiB flash memory
  • 64 KiB RAM
  • 60×100 pixel LCD matrix display
  • Can be programmed using a PC or Mac
  • Users create a program with new software, powered by LabVIEW from National Instruments
  • A single USB 2.0 port
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity, to transfer programs to the NXT wirelessly or offer ways to control
  • robots remotely (mobile phones and possibly by PDA’s)
  • Digital Wire Interface, allowing for third-party development of external devices


  • 519 LEGO Technic parts (and Bionicle parts, including Visorak pincers)
  • Three servo motors, with built-in rotation sensors, and feedback for precise control
  • Ultrasonic distance and movement sensor
  • Sound sensor, with sound pattern and tone recognition
  • Light sensor, detecting different colors and light intensity
  • Touch sensor (press/release/bump detection)

iRobot introduces Create(TM)

星期二, 一月 16th, 2007

iRobot Create

Build your own beer-fetching robot with the new iRobot Create ($130). Based on the vacuuming iRobot Roomba, this robot kit provides aspiring robogeeks with a platform to create a programmable robot of their own. It comes pre-assembled with access to robot sensors and actuators via an open interface. The iRobot Create lets you develop your own software to control your robot, and has standard connections for electronics and threaded mounting holes for securing all kinds of crap to it.


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YouTube link to: Create kit robot picks up stuffs it runs into
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YouTube link to: Create Kit builds robot fetching soda from fridge
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YouTube link to: Create kit Fridge-Mate


星期日, 一月 7th, 2007


Chroino the robot Chroino the robot sitting

Chroino is a small humanoid robot with friendly appearance and sophisticated movements. A newly-developed outer covering that serves also as a frame is called a “monocoque frame” and is made of carbon and plastic, giving Chroino a friendly appearance, light weight and strong frame.

Using a new technology named SHIN-Walk, Chroino has the ability to walk more naturally than traditional robots that walk stiffly with constantly bent knees. The ability to walk naturally, similar to a human, have long been expected. Thanks to this latest advancement in technology developed by Robo Garage, SHIN-Walk allows Chroino to walk almost as smoothly as a human.

Chroino was created by Mr. Tomotaka Takahashi from Robo Garage, the only scientist involved in the entire development process – from the design to the production stage – to create this futuristic robot.

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