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A framework for robot self-discovery

星期二, 六月 12th, 2007


A developmental
progression for a humanoid robot that uses mutual information to discover controllable perceptual categories. The authors show the robot can discover its hand and subsequently its fingers. Using the framework, a
robot can expand its control over the world so that newly mastered actions can open up new realms of influence, and new realms of influence can lead to the mastery of new actions.

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星期日, 六月 3rd, 2007

Viola Joines Face Detector
I finally sat down read the famous Viola Jones face detection paper – and learned a lot more than I expected. The approach they use it actually very similar to the way we are currently implementing Dexter’s vision system. They use the cascade filter framework to obtain superior speed for their face detector, we use similar approach to achieve real-time object tracking that enables object model building, as well as object affordance learning.

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Fast SIFT tracking

星期二, 五月 1st, 2007

Two interesting papers on using SIFT features for tracking.
SIFT tracking

Robotic Beer Launching Fridge

星期六, 三月 31st, 2007

This video proves that the day for house-hold robotics has finally arrived.

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Metacafé link to: robotic beer launching