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In NY-Times Article

星期一, 七月 30th, 2007

Our lab and the uBot, are mentioned in a New-York times article regarding state of the art in robotics and AI.


… In collaboration with Rod Grupen, a roboticist at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, she is designing and building four toddler-size robots…… The bare bones of the toddler robots already exist, in the form of a robot designed in Grupen’s lab called uBot-5. A few of these uBots are now being developed for use in assisted-living centers in research designed to see how the robots interact with the frail elderly…..

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Surface Computing

星期五, 七月 20th, 2007

The idea has been around for quite a while, but looks like Microsoft is into the game and let’s see if they can do something more with it. The demos are definitely looking pretty impressive. Check out both the pro and cons. :)

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YouTube link to: Pros
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YouTube link to: Cons

Free Broadband wireless

星期日, 四月 1st, 2007

Google is announcing their free wireless broadband at home initiative. After years of research and secret work, they found the safest while the most spread out connections is, instead of electricity or telephony, sewage system that connects to your toilet.

That’s right. They also provide you a step-by-step guide on installation before you inadvertently inherit hygiene from your “most-visited seat at home”.

Free Wireless


Happy 4.1. :)

Future: suicidal robots may save the earth

星期三, 一月 24th, 2007


Asteroids Robots

NASA is now tracking more than 800 asteroids considered potential threats to the Earth. According to a New Scientist article, engineers brainstorming ways to save the Earth have proposed sending a fleet of suicidal robots to the asteroid. Some of the robots would land on the asteroid and detonate explosives. The remaining probes would monitor the explosions to determine the inner structure of the asteroid. If it’s light enough, a gravity tractor robot would deflect it. If it’s heavy and solid, rocket engines would be attached to alter its path.

Robot nurses could be on the wards in three years, say scientists

星期三, 一月 24th, 2007

Japanese Nursebot

Scientists from the universities of Warwick, Cardiff, Dublin and Newcastle are among the engineers and software experts taking part in the “IWARD” project. They aim to have a three-robot prototype system ready by 2010.

By helping to keep wards cleaner, they could also cut infections by hospital superbugs such as MRSA. Each “nursebot” will consist of a mobile platform mounted with a module of sensors and equipment for different tasks.

It might be fitted with a laser thermometer which can measure body heat from a distance, or cleaning equipment to mop up spills.

the robots could provide a valuable service guiding people around the hospital. A visitor would state the name of a patient at an information terminal and then follow a robot to the correct bedside.

If the nearest robot was not sure of a patient’s location, it could seek help by communicating with others in the right area.

The robots will be fitted with sensors and cameras, allowing them to avoid collisions while travelling through wards and corridors. High-speed lanes could allow them to move from place to place quickly.

The robots would also employ face and voice recognition technology to communicate with patients and spot unauthorised visitors.

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Cool Gadget

星期一, 一月 15th, 2007

controlling games with thoughts

Step aside Nintendo, Emotiv’s got dibs on the ultimate game controller right here with their Project Epoc. It’s basically a headset fitted with a bunch of sensors that “read” your mind and let you control video games (be it from your console or PC) via your thoughts. Did I mention it can do this wirelessly? Though it looks like a torture device, the concept is pretty sweet. It’ll be demoed at the Game Developer’s Conference next week.