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星期四, 四月 17th, 2008

UBot5 interacting with children

Our work has finally been picked up by the press, there is been a recent surge of articles written about our uBot-5 mobile platform designed eldercare applications, check them out!

UMass press release

In NY-Times Article

星期一, 七月 30th, 2007

Our lab and the uBot, are mentioned in a New-York times article regarding state of the art in robotics and AI.


… In collaboration with Rod Grupen, a roboticist at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, she is designing and building four toddler-size robots…… The bare bones of the toddler robots already exist, in the form of a robot designed in Grupen’s lab called uBot-5. A few of these uBots are now being developed for use in assisted-living centers in research designed to see how the robots interact with the frail elderly…..

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Surface Computing

星期五, 七月 20th, 2007

The idea has been around for quite a while, but looks like Microsoft is into the game and let’s see if they can do something more with it. The demos are definitely looking pretty impressive. Check out both the pro and cons. :)

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YouTube link to: Pros
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YouTube link to: Cons

Korean in-home Servant Robot

星期日, 六月 17th, 2007

Korean House Helper Robot

Korea’s KornTech recently announced the arrival of Rogun, a 1-metre tall humanoid robot that walks around on 2 feet and is intended for use as a nanny/security guard. Using built-in camera eyes and some very nifty facial recognition software, Rogun is able to learn to recognise his immediate family and friends.

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Robot shopping carts follow you around

星期一, 四月 23rd, 2007

A shopping cart that follows you around, built by University of Florida student


Robotic Beer Launching Fridge

星期六, 三月 31st, 2007

This video proves that the day for house-hold robotics has finally arrived.

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Metacafé link to: robotic beer launching

Context-aware mobile devices

星期四, 三月 29th, 2007

Master thesis : a learning control approach for context aware applications, where reinforcement learning is used for a mobile device system to autonomously learn to adaptive to user’s behavior pattern, and thus be able to pro-actively attend to user’s needs in a least intrusive manor.


Virtual Dinning Experience

星期二, 三月 6th, 2007

Another nice spin-off application for the video phone technology in eldercare.

virtual dinning experience

The concept is simple. An elderly woman in, say, California, makes herself dinner. When she gets ready to sit down and eat, the system detects it and alerts her son in Chicago. The son then goes to his kitchen, where a small camera and microphone capture what he is doing. Speakers and a screen — as big as a television or as small as a picture frame — allow him to hear and see his mother, who has a similar setup.

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