Website launched!

The Wii revolution has taught us that it doesn’t take a Hollywood block-buster scale game to get us interested in playing. With the Wii technology, there is so much opportunity that waiting to be explored, and simple mini-games on the PC can be made even more interesting when incorporated with the Wii-remote. I hope with this site can help gamers to turn their computer into Wiis, and designer build interesting Wiimote-enabled games to share with others online. I want to truely make the Wii experience for EVERYONE!

A year after the Wii’s release, it is still extremely hard to buy. People sometimes have to pay double the price to buy them on ebay. The following website shows average consumer how to turn your laptop or desktop PC into a Wii-like machine in less than 10 minutes and for less than $50. Video tutorials are included.

The site also includes information for casual programmers to setup their systems to create motion-enabled minigames. Hopefully, we will see more freely available wii-like games available for gamers to download and play in the near future.

Wii Builder

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