Free Book: Elements of Statistical Learning

十月 14th, 2009

The authors of the classic The Elements of Statistical Learning have made their book available for download as a PDF.

Elements of Statistical Learning

The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction, Second Edition, by Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani, and Jerome Friedman.

iPhone Developer Resources

八月 15th, 2008

In this page I will collect articles and tutorials related to iphone software development.

1. A Objective-C primer – this tutorial is much more useful than the one on the apple developer center website.

2. How to parse RSS feed

Simulating Kuka Arm using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio

八月 8th, 2008

Microsoft’s Robotics Developer Studio (MRDS) is very nice platform for building robotics applications. The kuka arm simulation tutorial is a must read for those who are interested in using MRDS to build articulated arm applications. Unfortunately, the code on their site is out-dated since the MRDS has moved from 1.5 to 2.0 release. As a result, the original tutorial files won’t compile any more. It took me almost a day to get the code to migrate to 2.0, I am posting the code here for whoever wishes to give it a try.

Click here to download

Kuka Arm Simulation

In the News

四月 17th, 2008

UBot5 interacting with children

Our work has finally been picked up by the press, there is been a recent surge of articles written about our uBot-5 mobile platform designed eldercare applications, check them out!

UMass press release

Website launched!

一月 11th, 2008

The Wii revolution has taught us that it doesn’t take a Hollywood block-buster scale game to get us interested in playing. With the Wii technology, there is so much opportunity that waiting to be explored, and simple mini-games on the PC can be made even more interesting when incorporated with the Wii-remote. I hope with this site can help gamers to turn their computer into Wiis, and designer build interesting Wiimote-enabled games to share with others online. I want to truely make the Wii experience for EVERYONE!

A year after the Wii’s release, it is still extremely hard to buy. People sometimes have to pay double the price to buy them on ebay. The following website shows average consumer how to turn your laptop or desktop PC into a Wii-like machine in less than 10 minutes and for less than $50. Video tutorials are included.

The site also includes information for casual programmers to setup their systems to create motion-enabled minigames. Hopefully, we will see more freely available wii-like games available for gamers to download and play in the near future.

Wii Builder

Machine Learning and Agronomy

一月 5th, 2008

Other than computer science, I also have a background in Agronomy. So it’s natural that I combine the two and apply machine learning to agronomy: using Multi-Layer Perceptrons for the purposes of protecting greenhouse against strong winds, detecting odor and automated irrigation.

Neuron Networks for Calibrating Irrigation Systems

Neuron Networks for Calibrating Irrigation Systems


  • A Self-Calibrated Environmental Friendly Automatic Irrigation System,
    WCCA, Orlando, Florida, 2006. S. Ou et. al.
  • Classification of Single Odorant Gas Smell Intensity using Electric Nose, DCDIS, Guelph, Canada, 2005. S. Ou et. al. [pdf]
  • A Multi-Layer Perceptron Approach for Greenhouse Protection against Strong Wind Conditions in the Southern Coastal Regions of China, ASAE Annual Meeting, 2005. S. Ou et. al.
  • Using Wii-mote to teach Humanoid Robot pick things up

    八月 1st, 2007

    A following up experiment with the wii-mote:
    In this video the humanoid robot is controlled by the user via a wii-mote. Being in the same context as the robot, the teleoperation process feels very intuitive and natural. After the teaching, the robot can potentially use the training data to sequence its own controllers together to repeat the behavior in a different setting, e.g. a sorting task.

    embedded by Embedded Video

    YouTube link to:

    In NY-Times Article

    七月 30th, 2007

    Our lab and the uBot, are mentioned in a New-York times article regarding state of the art in robotics and AI.


    … In collaboration with Rod Grupen, a roboticist at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, she is designing and building four toddler-size robots…… The bare bones of the toddler robots already exist, in the form of a robot designed in Grupen’s lab called uBot-5. A few of these uBots are now being developed for use in assisted-living centers in research designed to see how the robots interact with the frail elderly…..

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    Building Robotics Community

    七月 28th, 2007

    The CREATE lab and the Global Connection Project have embarked on a series of public projects to try and understand how significant scaling may be feasible using robotics for technology empowerment and community-building. Several products are described: CMUcam3, a fully programmable, public-domain embedded computer vision system; TeRK, a single-box solution for complete I/O control of robots together with a Linux OS and connectivity to the iRobot Create and other robots; Canary, a new embedded environmental sensor and kinetic art controller; and Gigapan, a multi-billion pixel panoramic image capture, display and annotation system.

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    Google link to: -link to Building Robotics Community

    Robotic Insect Takes Off

    七月 21st, 2007

    A robotic bug that can fly around for one day! Step 1 to minority report…..

    robot fly

    First flight: This tiny robot weighs just 60 milligrams and has a wingspan of three centimeters. It’s the first robot to achieve liftoff that’s modeled on a fly and built on such a small scale.

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